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It Was No Dream.

Exploring the ideology of identity and whimsy of lusus naturae surrealism, It Was No Dream, a BFA Intermedia exhibition, was a collection of interdisciplinary work by Sabrina Flipse, Hannah Franklin, Conner Jensen, Natalie Kloster, Gen Montreuil, and Neya Salazar. Through various mediums, these artists reach to connect to spirituality and consciousness with each respective art making approach. It is that uniqueness, not only within the technical process but in the media and conceptual intention as well, that allows an investigation into the possibilities within Intermedia art and highlights the perception of each artist.

This exhibition ran from October 28-November 1, 2019 at ASU's Gallery 100


Official Exhibition Artist Statement:

I wake from sleep in a pool of sweat, with grotesque forms and situations fading behind my eyes. Every night, my dreamscape is filled with unpleasant images, but as they’ve become commonplace to me, I find myself less scared and more intrigued about why and what I’m seeing.


I have qualms about being mangled, maimed, and distorted both physically and mentally. In many situations, these terrors are associated with my femininity and identity. Through an exploration into the unconscious mind of horror and fear, I integrate figures, once modelesque turned monstrous to understand and define my own femininity. I also delve into modern forms of feminine beauty and beauty standards while confronting the things that scare me.


This series investigates owning our differences and having confidence within them while confronting the things we perceive as flaws—the monsters we see ourselves as—and leaning away from self-hate, toward self-acceptance.

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